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Reiter Architecture & Design

NYC Environmental Organization Headquarters

The renovation of the 1890 George B. Post, Romanesque structure as Headquarters for the National Audubon Society (NAS) in New York City, became one of the benchmark, leadership projects in the early years of LEED, demonstrating that a turn of the century building could be converted into one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable buildings in America at the time

it was renovated in 1992. At almost 100,000 SF including the new penthouse on the roof level, the complete gut renovation of the building set new standards for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, comprehensive workplace equality; dramatic reduction of emissions contributing to global warming and acid rain; massive energy savings compared to other construction at the time. Winner of countless awards, this project "walked the walk" of a national environmental organization who sought to make their headquarters a replicable model for all. Lauren Reiter was the Project Architect for this project, while a Vice Principal at Croxton Collaborative Architects.